Store No 3-Klaipėda

- opened 15th of December, 2012

The most recent opening of Crème de la Crème is in Klaipeda, the third

largest city of Lithuania, main seaport and seaside city of Lithuania


When making the newest store in Klaipeda, Inblum architects  have been looking for a close balance between ephemerality and monumentality, industry and luxury, aesthetic constants and present-day advance.

It is the search for intellectual refinement that encouraged unusual precision and greater focus on detail, careful selection of materials and their combinations.The linear structure has integrated the interior into a visually rhythmic completeness, where it is easy to find oneself and conceive the exposition sequence. Each brand occupies a separate shelving segment marked with a corresponding book above. The carefully selected wood texture pattern and the glossy surface produce a row of warm hues, which, together with black-painted aluminium shelves add to an impression of depth and luxury.

This impression is also enforced by the lighting systems. The central light beam is directed to the shelves housing rows of sparkling little bottles resembling actors on stage.

Meanwhile the inner space is sunk into the pleasant twilight with only a few objects shining, the shelving islets, and, an essential element of the interior, a sculptural group of bronze chandeliers hanging over the cash desk.